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LampLighter Society

Thank you for your interest in the Lamplighter Society.

Our Mission as Lamplighters is to share light and bringing warmth to others by providing meaningful opportunities for Jewish engagement. We are a connection point. We are about connecting people, providing a connection to Judaism, and connecting people with the deepest part of themselves.


Consider Jennifer*. Having moved to Chelsea in 2016 to pursue an internship after college, and fell in love with this colorful city just minutes from downtown Boston. But she was alone. She missed her family and the vibrant Jewish community back home in New York. She bumped into a group from Chabad at "Torah on Tap" at a local brewery. She joined the discussion and felt a connection immediately. At a candlelit Shabbat Dinner a few weeks later she felt her soul soaring...she was home.


You can transform the lives of others. Join the Lamplighter Society today.


Monthly Giving to our organization puts you at the forefront of our impactful outreach, services, classes, programs, and social initiatives.


1. The entry-level donation is $36/Month (Less than the average Gym Membership.)


2. Get invited to join exclusive Lamplighter Society meetings.


3. Receive monthly donor updates, and help shape the vision for our future.


From the depth of our hearts, we thank you for your support and generosity!


Much love,


Sruli, Chaya, and the entire Tobin Bridge Chabad Family.



MendI and Mushky Baron

Chili BAron

Yehuda Glaser


Baruch & Esther Hecht

Mr. Alan Meyerson

Mrs. Lucy Myclos

Mr. Jordan Samiljan

Dr.Paul Summergrad & DR. Randy Glassman

Avraham and Leah Wolff

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